Our Mission

We do our best to make the production industry fast and easy with high quality.
The Mulph products and services increase customers’ productivity and efficiency, our operations are based on unique expertise in materials technology, extensive knowledge about industrial processes and close customer cooperation. This combination, coupled with continuous investments in research and development (R&D), has enabled us to be active in the following areas:

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Automotive Industry (Engine, Body and suspension)
Orthopedically and Medical Industry
Aerospace Industry

General Engineering Industry
Process Planning
(Machining Operation)
Oil, Gas and Petroleum Industry
Cable and wire Industry
Steel Industry
Valve Industry
Machine Maker Industry
Mold and die Makers Industry
Power Generation
(Boiler Manufacturing, Gas turbine, Wind turbine, Vertical Francis turbine Industry)
Ship and Submarine Industry

Our technical advice will guarantee a high-precision machining strategy and high-quality results. We love to protect our customers, and share experiences, and solve technical challenges.

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Our Visionary

The future of manufacturing:
Any shape in a day, sustainable in every way
One day, manufacturing will be so flexible and fast that almost any shape can be produced in a day – from idea to finished product. This is a future where advanced machine shops are completely digitalized and circular. Mass customization is standard. The Mulph make it possible to produce special one-off components in cost-efficient and responsible ways.
In this future, the speed of manufacturing has accelerated from weeks to minutes. The workflow is seamless and setup times are lower. Demand has been unleashed and is met instantly. Sustainability is a given.
All these developments have been realized through new types of truly collaborative partnerships between manufacturers, tool providers, machine tool builders and system providers. The Mulph try to be a leader in the most progressive innovation networks. We learn a lot together with our customers and provide a best range of technical solutions and high-quality products that solve our customers’ problems.