Mulph, Solutions base Company, offers individual needs and requirements of our customers in order to make their business successful. Here the Technology Centre is the front-line base. It is fully equipped with advanced knowledge, technologies as well as having a team of highly experienced technical staff members.

Mulph provides a full range of products, including holemaking, drilling, turning, threading tools and tooling system.


When it comes to Drilling, selecting the most appropriate tooling and machining strategies for your application is critical. Therefore, we offer one of the industry’s most comprehensive selections of drilling tools. So, whether your focus is on volume, accuracy, or cost savings, we have the best offer that is perfect for your needs. Mulph provides a full range of drilling products, including solid carbide drills, exchangeable tip drills, Gun drills, and indexable insert drills. This wide portfolio of products provides ...



Mulph has a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. As such, individually designed custom tools and high-performance standard products are used to create machining solutions that optimally address the requirements for process reliability, precision and cost-effectiveness. Supplemented by intelligent services, the customer receives a complete package for the machining process. In the area of milling, Mulph tool experts have developed numerous machining solutions in recent years. The focus has been on tools adapted to the related customer requirements. Along with ...



Our product for new machine technology to deliberately vibrate the tool in relation to the cutting direction is an effective way of breaking chips. This reduces production costs by reducing chip entanglement. Our solution benefit for Thermal conductivity has been improved by optimizing the grain size and therefore reducing the boundary contact. This optimization reduces the temperature of the cutting-edge during machining. Steel turning is much about continuously refining your current machine set-up. However, it is of major importance to ...



Threading is an easy, well known and highly efficient manufacturing process. The process of cutting the threads in a hole is called "Threading" the hole. Admissible expertise combined with powerful R&D resources, place Mulph at the forefront of technical innovations in cutting tools. Our products cover application machine taps for through and blind holes in steel, stainless steel, high resistance steels, cast iron, super alloys and non-ferrous metal machining with high precision and thread quality. With using only high-quality premium ...


Tooling System

Advanced Cutting Tool Systems is a world leader in the special design and build of engineered cutting tool solutions. From point of inquiry through application performance, the Advanced Cutting Tool Systems design staff maintain a spirit of continuous improvement, innovation, and technical development; constantly seeking alternative, cost-effective cutting tool solutions to ensure customers remain competitive in a rapidly changing manufacturing environment.