Negishi Numaro

This is the second batch that we are purchasing from Mulph and we are satisfied with their performance and tool life. We are hoping to see more grades specially for Hardened steel in the future.

Tulga Akaysin

Mulph’s quality really astonished us and we will continue using this brand. However, if they could widen up the product range and offer more variety of holders, our job will become much easier to purchase from one source only.

Regis Sabado

We have been using Mulph’s Stainless steel turning grade and it’s working close to top European brands. We are waiting to see the performance of new Mulph’s grade on superalloys and their Cermet inserts.

Nick Patterson

We are a tier 2 producer of auto parts. We have been using Mulph for the past year and their performance on Steel (CK45) is outstanding and after Mulph’s engineers optimized our cutting parameters, we were able to increase our efficiency by 40%.

Ahmed Sabah

One of Mulph’s capabilities is Process Planing. Mulph’s engineering team did the process planing for the 50 parts that we are producing and since then with the new fixture and optimized cutting tools, our performance has went up by 85%. We are very happy to have Mulph by our side.

Roger Papin

Mulph is a good supplier of cutting tools. Indeed we used to use Japanese cutting tools and were satisfied with their performance. After being introduced to Mulph, we tested Mulph’s Cast Iron grade and were amazed by its quality and the Material Removal Rate. Ever since we are buying more than 70% of our needs … Continued

Frank Lumas

I’m very much satisfied with Mulph’s performance, quality and fast delivery. In deed 2 months ago, we were working on a new project where some special tools and inserts were needed. Mulph’s technical department quickly visited our facility and within 17 days we had the tools ready for testing. We are happy with the flexibility … Continued

John Debarke

Having one single person as a permanent sales contact makes for a very effective working relationship. Mulph knows our company very well. They have a strong and flexible Engineering department who listens to our demand and come up with a fast response for Special Tools & Project.